check list
to improve your health and fitness


1. Get plenty of sleep

2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate (Drink plenty

of water)

3. Eat good quality protein and carbs min

20mins before workout

4. Wear sensible loose clothing

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5. Warm up slowly

6. Breathe deeply through your routine

7. Drink water and eat healthy snack [as


8.Stretch after workout

9. You need to fuel your body with

healthy food immediately after

10. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

should you use weights or equipment?

Firstly let us explain who we created this website for: “Teenagers, Young people and Beginners new To exercise”


We realise that there are a lot of youths that do not know how to workout properly and so our website guides you through the very basics and allows you to develop.

Gymate has  included some weight exercises as we know there will be some that are more experienced and so our videos help explain how to carry out these exercises correctly.

Do we recommend weights or equip?

In short – Yes.

If you are new to exercise equip we would suggest you start with the non weight exercises before investing in some dumbbells which will allow you to do all the exercises on our website

Equipment [use only if you want to..]

  1.  Dumbbells
  2.  Barbell
  3.  Kettlebell

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