Let Jay - Gymates Qualified PT
safely guide you through this routine
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Let Jay - Gymates Qualified PT safely guide you through this routine


  • Watch, listen and learn
    Only do what you can
  • aim to do 10 reps in one go
  • aim to do 3 sets of 10

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Here is gymates how to guide:

  1. Ab crunches can be a great exercise to strengthen your core muscles, but it’s important to perform them safely to avoid injury. Here are some tips on how to safely complete ab crunches:
    1. Warm up: Before you start any exercise, it’s important to warm up your muscles to reduce the risk of injury. You can warm up by doing some light cardio or by doing some stretching exercises.
    2. Proper form: When performing ab crunches, it’s important to maintain proper form. Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Place your hands behind your head, but avoid pulling on your neck. Lift your shoulders off the ground, engaging your core muscles, and hold for a few seconds before lowering back down.
    3. Breathing: Remember to breathe throughout the exercise. Inhale as you lower yourself back down and exhale as you lift your shoulders off the ground.
    4. Gradual progression: If you are new to ab crunches or haven’t done them in a while, start with a few repetitions and gradually increase over time. Don’t push yourself too hard too quickly.
    5. Avoid strain: Don’t strain your neck or back while doing ab crunches. Avoid pulling on your neck with your hands, and keep your back flat on the ground.
    6. Variety: Adding variety to your ab workout can help avoid boredom and also target different muscles in your core. Try different variations such as bicycle crunches, leg raises, or side planks.
    7. Cool down: After completing your ab workout, take a few minutes to stretch and cool down your muscles.

    Remember to listen to your body and stop if you feel any pain or discomfort. With proper form and technique, ab crunches can be a safe and effective exercise to strengthen your core muscles.

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